Language Teacher Support is an online space for languages educators around the world involved in teaching languages.

The aim is to provide an online platform for language teachers across the globe to interact. Language teachers currently engaging in our network come from 35 countries, and work in primary, secondary, and university settings as well as private language education institutions teaching a range of foreign, second, additional, heritage, and indigenous languages. Teachers use the network to:

  • share their own ideas, resources, and expertise
  • pose questions and ask for advice
  • share the ideas and expertise of others
  • share local and international news
  • share new research
  • share frustrations and successes
  • discuss issues pertaining to language learning and teaching
  • motivate each other

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About Shan
I have been teaching for about 15 years, ten of which were spent in primary and secondary schools in Queensland, Australia, teaching Japanese, English, Social Studies and Computer Studies. The other five years have been spent teaching English as a Second Language to students in Japan. I am currently working as a lecturer in the Department of International Relations at Nagasaki University.

I have recently completed a PhD at Griffith University, researching the ins and outs of language teachers’ careers, in particular what makes many Australian language teachers leave their jobs prematurely.

You can read some of my research at https://siebolddaigaku.academia.edu/sm

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