Quotes for language teachers

This post brings to you a range of quotes relevant to language teaching and learning that might provide inspiration and food-for-thought for you and your students. I have taken some of the quotes and created classroom posters using black text on white background with a simple colour image which will hopefully allow teachers with limited budgets to print the […]

How language teachers can engage with policy (and why they should)

Teachers are busy and getting busier, and so many of us would shudder to think about adding learning about government policy to our growing list of duties. When teachers undertake their pre-service training, there are  rarely classes in educational policy, and discussions about policy are usually limited to the current curriculum model. It can be easy to see how school-based policies have an […]

The great language and coding switcheroo

This article came to my attention yesterday (click headline for link). Don’t get the headline wrong. What it should read, is ‘Updated curriculum replaces languages with coding’. Basically the school is sidestepping its requirement to provide students with language education in years 5-8 (a state Department of Education policy) by calling coding a language, and a […]

The classroom experience

Thanks to Charles Mackenzie-Smith who, as a guest blogger, has kindly invited us into his Japanese classroom. The philosophies and strategies are certainly applicable to teachers of all Languages, and even those with limited budgets can take elements from his classroom to apply to their own. Personally, I am completely impressed by his classroom, which I think […]

I hate LOTE!

Two years of trying to remove the outdated term ‘LOTE’ from my current school , it still sneakily appears on school documents, is still uttered by colleagues despite my constant nagging, and is still written neatly on the front of notebooks at the start of the school year. Sure, parents might not realise the term LOTE is outdated as […]