Human Sentences

‘Human Sentences’ is a sentence scramble activity which involves collaboration with the whole class, or a whole group. This activity works well with young and/or beginner learners, although it could work with older and intermediate students when introducing new grammar structures. I’ve had particular success using this strategy with young beginner learners of Japanese (as per my example photos), who […]

Big books for little students (and big ones, too!)

Some of this post comes from on an article I wrote some years ago, published in the journal of the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland. Permission has been granted to reproduce parts of the article, which is not available outside of the MLTAQ membership. There is something nurturing and comforting about being read to, that most children instinctively react to […]

‘Speed chat’ for communicative competence

What is ‘speed chat’? One of the main principles of communicative language teaching is giving students opportunities  to speak in the target language. This can be difficult in large classes, and it can also be a challenge for students with limited language skills. An easy to implement strategy that works well across languages, sectors, topics and ability […]