How language teachers can engage with policy (and why they should)

Teachers are busy and getting busier, and so many of us would shudder to think about adding learning about government policy to our growing list of duties. When teachers undertake their pre-service training, there are  rarely classes in educational policy, and discussions about policy are usually limited to the current curriculum model. It can be easy to see how school-based policies have an […]

The great language and coding switcheroo

This article came to my attention yesterday (click headline for link). Don’t get the headline wrong. What it should read, is ‘Updated curriculum replaces languages with coding’. Basically the school is sidestepping its requirement to provide students with language education in years 5-8 (a state Department of Education policy) by calling coding a language, and a […]

In opposition to mandatory languages

My online social networks were alive yesterday after an article in the Courier Mail revealed that the mandatory status of Languages in Qld was being questioned. In the backlash that has begun, I feel I stand alone among my Qld colleagues in my opposition to mandatory Languages, though my opposition is probably not with the same intentions or […]