Quotes for language teachers

This post brings to you a range of quotes relevant to language teaching and learning that might provide inspiration and food-for-thought for you and your students. I have taken some of the quotes and created classroom posters using black text on white background with a simple colour image which will hopefully allow teachers with limited budgets to print the […]

It’s not stealing!

I’m interested in teachers’ use of the word ‘steal’ when talking about using the resources and ideas offered by other teachers. It’s a phrase I’ve heard numerous times in professional discussions, both face-to face and online, and not just between those involved in language education but all disciplines. ‘Oh, that’s a great resource, can I steal that?’ ‘I’ve got […]

Collecting textual realia

Realia are an important part of communicative language teaching and learning, bringing real language into the classroom, providing students an opportunity to extract meaning from authentic texts, with contextual and visual cues which are lacking, or sometimes added in tokenistic fashion, in traditional textbooks. While some definitions of realia include cultural items and props that can help build the learning atmosphere, this […]


Flashcards should be a part of every language teacher’s bag of tools. While there are many more exciting and modern resources, sometimes the simplest tools are what is called for. Games using flashcards   Digital Flashcards I’d been wanting to create digital flashcards to use in my classroom. While there are some great apps using flashcards for vocabulary memorisation, they are generally for […]