Background music for speaking activities

Background music sits in the background and isn’t paid much attention to. However, over the course of two years I have begun to realise the important role that background music can play in my communication classes, particularly as I try to build a supportive classroom environment where students feel comfortable enough to take risks. My use of background […]

Poster presentations for building opportunities for ‘unplanned’ speaking

In an oral communication class, it is always at the forefront of my mind how to maximise students’ speaking time. This is a challenge in my current role because I have limited time with my students each week, and often have large classes (more than 50 at times). There are also challenges because many of my students […]

‘Speed chat’ for communicative competence

What is ‘speed chat’? One of the main principles of communicative language teaching is giving students opportunities  to speak in the target language. This can be difficult in large classes, and it can also be a challenge for students with limited language skills. An easy to implement strategy that works well across languages, sectors, topics and ability […]