How language teachers can engage with policy (and why they should)

Teachers are busy and getting busier, and so many of us would shudder to think about adding learning about government policy to our growing list of duties. When teachers undertake their pre-service training, there are  rarely classes in educational policy, and discussions about policy are usually limited to the current curriculum model. It can be easy to see how school-based policies have an […]

Building a support network

After spending five years researching language teachers’ social capital, and ten years supporting language teachers through various online and face-to-face projects, perhaps the time has come to write a post about support, after all that’s what this blog is all about. Why support is important What I have learnt from my recent research, and this mirrors the […]

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New beginnings

Welcome to the Languages Teacher Support blog. This blog is dedicated to helping Languages teachers everywhere, specifically those in the primary and secondary sectors. After ten years managing the Japanese Teachers Resources website, the time has come for a new direction (read the final message below). Others were doing a much better job than I was at […]