Siri as a pronunciation coach

Siri is a voice assistant application for Apple devices, with similar applications available for Andoid and Windows operating systems. Google also recently launched a voice activated assistant as part of its search engine. These voice assistants allow users to give spoken commands and receive a real-time response. Siri is a great tool for getting students to practice […]

Online search as learning tool

Advances in technology bring new tools that can assist students in their language learning, inside of the classroom and beyond. Students need to know what tools are available for them to use, how to use them, understand their strengths and acknowledge their limitations. Giving students these skills and knowledge is part of our role as teachers, in order for each tool to become an […]

Pie in the Skype?

Contrary to what many people might think about Japan, technology is not something that is embraced all too widely in education. So when an opportunity arose to engage in an online exchange with a junior high school in Japan, I jumped at the chance. After teacher visits to our school to strengthen relationships, multiple emails to ponder […]